How to Decorate Display Cabinets for Fashion Shop

Apr 8th

A fashion shop needs to have wonderfully attractive display cabinets. The ideas can surely poured into your home for an improvement. Decorate the display cabinets is an art form, one that attracts buyers to pass through your doors. A well designed display case accomplishes two things: it attracts the attention of passersby, and lets them know what you have for sale. Therefore, you want to showcase, two or more items at different prices, and want to surround them with creative colors and eye-catching designs.

How to decorate the display cabinets

  1. Use shelves in the cabinet to make the most of your space. If the shelves are wide enough, you can place some goods facing the street and other things that buyers face inside.
  2. Using the upper and lower part of the display cabinets to the maximum. Hang items from ceiling hooks, branches or horizontal poles.
  3. Make a strong exposure to your color palette, either that it is summer bright tones, soft pastels or black and white contrasts.
  4. Develop a theme, but be careful not to overdo.
  5. Emphasize the contrast and similarities between elements of the case. Put a row of beautiful and brilliant of the same brand but different colors and sizes bowls. Put a pair of baby shoes next to some high heels.